Will of Maria Bradford, 1853

Will of Maria Bradford, 1853
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Maria made her short will in January 1853, dying soon after. Despite its brevity we can start to build a picture of her family which leads to additional information. She left her estate jointly to her two brothers John and Charles. There was a third brother Cornelius, who had died the year before. We also have his will, equally short, in which he left his estate jointly to his brother John and sister Maria. He also names his brother Charles and John's son Richard.

From this we might assume that Maria, who was a spinster, lived with Cornelius, running his household. Cornelius is described as 'gentleman' which indicates their status. He was also a farmer, his estate containing cattle, crops and 'implements of husbandry'.

Ellen Fisher who witnessed Cornelius' will in 1849, seems to have been a family friend, she is named as a friend in Maria's will. Ellen married between 1849 and 1853, Maria clearly describing her as the wife of John Bennett, nee Fisher. Maria also had a servant, Mary Price, who was a second witness to her will. No bequests were made to any servants and beyond her brothers, Maria only names her friend, to whom she made the generous bequest of £100 (approx. £8,000).

Maria and Cornelius used James Bradford, solicitor of Swindon, to witness their wills. Report 11 which provides additional information on the Bradford family, shows that James was also related to them.

Neither Cornelius or Maria stated where they wished to be buried, most likely they are buried in the graveyard at St Mary's Lydiard Tregoze alongside other members of the family. Two tomb chests can still be found in the churchyard, the inscriptions are worn but one is to Anne and Cornelius Bradford and the other to Joanna and William Bradford, who died in the late eighteenth century.

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