Will of John Halston, 1595

Will of John Halston, 1595
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John Halston made his will on the 20 June 1595, and it was proved on 22 October. John was a husbandman (free tenant farmer or small landowner), with little leave, his will carefully listing those who owed him money for his wages.

Why then was the will proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury? The answer lies in where his possessions were held. He leaves a cow to each of the children of Nicholas Taylor, which were kept at Maggot Mill in Highworth. If a deceased's possessions fell into more than one archdeaconry and were valued at £5 or more, the will had to be proved at the PCC.

In his will we see who he worked for, how much a cow was worth, his wages and how these were not necessarily paid on time. We have the names of members of the local community and we once again come across a member of the Pleydell family.

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