Report No. 23 Contents List

Report No. 23 Contents List
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FRONTISPIECE Highgate Farm and Cows Feeding

Page 1 Sir Walter St.John's School, Battersea in the year 1750 by Dr. Arnold Taylor

Page 10 The Rev. Ebenezer Humphrey Jones, FR Hist S and the Restoration of the Church of St. Mary Lydiard Tregoz - 1901 by Mr. William L. Jacob

Page 25 Lydiard Tregoz and Troisgots by Mr Sidney Ball

Page 27 Wiltshire Sound Radio Broadcast of St. Mary's Lydiard Tregoz

Page 33 The Principal Farms and Occupying Farmers of Lydiard Tregoz, 1839-1895 by Mr William L Jacob

Page 45 Thamesdown museums news Letter 22nd February , 1990 by Miss Sarah Finch-Crisp

Page 46 Accessions: Pedigrees of Brodrick, Moncrieff, and Howard

Page 47 Shorter Note: Sale of Pictures, 1780

Page 48 Errata in Report nos. 17 and 23

Page 49 The Friends of Lydiard Tregoz: Officers, Membership, Accounts.

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