Newspaper cuttings (26) relating to the St.John family

Newspaper cuttings (26)  relating to the St.John family
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A collection of 26 newspaper cuttings in the Lydiard House museum collection which were donated by a Lydiard Tregoze resident and friend of the St.John family.

The earliest records the death of Henry St.John 5th Viscount Bolingbroke in 1899, followed by articles associated with his secret marriage; the death of Lady Bolingbroke in 1940; the 6th Viscount's coming of age in 1917, his marriage to Valezina Frowhawk in 1950; and other matters. They are titled:

  1. Viscount Called Up (1917)
  2. Viscount Called Up on his 21st Birthday (1917)
  3. Viscount Called UP (duplicate) (1917)
  4. Lives For Music (1917)
  5. Viscount Bolingbroke Summoned to Take His Seat in the Lords
  6. Legend of Lydiard Park (c1943)
  7. The Late Lord Bolingbroke Funeral (1899)
  8. Lydiard Tregoze Rector Inducted (Revd. Willetts)
  9. The Bolingbroke Peerage Title Claim Allowed (1926)
  10. New Viscount Bolingbroke (1926)
  11. Nullity Decree to Wife of Bath Born Viscount (1952)
  12. Another Peerage Romance (c1899)
  13. Peerage Romance
  14. Death of Lord Bolingbroke (November 1899)
  15. Obituary Viscount Bolingbroke and St.John (1974)
  16. Wiltshire Romance Recalled (death of Canon St.John)
  17. 73 Peer Wed in Secret
  18. Romance of a Peerage
  19. Auburn Bride for Wiltshire Peer (1950)
  20. And The Sixth Viscount Had Planned such a Quiet Wedding (1950)
  21. Lydiard Park Secured for Swindon People ? (1943)
  22. Funeral of Lady Bolingbroke (1940)
  23. Playing Again (Valezina Bolingbroke)
  24. Viscount Bolingbroke's Bride (1950)
  25. Lydiard Tregoze and the Presentation to Viscount Bolingbroke, 1917
  26. Fallen Monarch of Lydiard Park (ancient Oak)

Various local and national newspapers
Newspaper Cutting
Lydiard House
Swindon Borough Council
LYD 1993 294 (1-26)
Lydiard House
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