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New items added each week!

Conveyance of Lydiard Park, 1943

Conveyance of Lydiard Park, 1943
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Record of transaction between the late Viscountess Bolingbroke's executor, Edward Hiscock (the "Vendor), Francis Elliott Akers ("the Purchaser") and The Mayor Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Swindon (the "Corporation") dated 6th November 1943. The document sets out the agreement between the three parties for the onward transfer of Lydiard House within 147 acres of parkland to the Corporation, for which the Corporation had pre-paid Cllr Akers £4,500.

Schedule 1 lists portions of land and buildings to be transferred to the Corporation, amounting to 147.372 acres. Schedule 2 contains a list of indentures and mortgages attached to the former home of the St. John family from from 1839.

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