Satirical engraving featuring Frederick 2nd Visct Bolingbroke, 1770

Satirical engraving featuring Frederick 2nd Visct Bolingbroke, 1770
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"The City Cuckholds and Court Horned Beasts comparing each other's beauty."

A satire on the friction between the government supporters and the City of London representing each other as horned cuckholds. The group on the left includes the Duke of Grafton, Visct Bolingbroke*, and Henry Fox. One of the men on the right wearing lawyer's robes may be intended for James Eyres, Recorder of London; behind him a man grins and says, " Our Horns are tipt with Gold, but yours with scandal". Above them the devil holds a large bell made up of a petticoat and boot, alluding to the relationship of Princess August and Lord Bute. Illustration to Oxford Magazine 1770.

  • Frederick 2nd Visct Bolingbroke, cuckholded in reality by his wife Lady Diana (Spencer) due to her relationship with Topham Beauclerk.
Jefferyes Hammett O'Neale
The British Museum
The British Museum
The British Museum
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Tuesday 31st August 2021

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